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Idea created by 7374135 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 22, February 2015)

    Like many other IT professionals, I spend a lot of time on the road, going to/from meetings and company locations. I've been trying to use the Samanage mobile interface to get an overview of mine and my teams incidents and tasks, but I find it almost impossible. I get a long lit of headlines, which often leaves me more confused than informed. Also the editing of data is somewhat lacking in the mobile interface. I know I can do custom reports, to filter the views, but that doesn't solve the problems with getting a clear overview of the incidents in the list.

    To be useful, I think the mobile interface needs at least:

    • The ability to add more coloums like due date and requester etc. to the list views
    • The ability to sort the view by each coloum above
    • More editing functionality (tasks, cc, and attaching incidents to problems, changes etc).
    • Managing tasks
    • Adding / editing users
    Often I find myself making a note to update the incident, user or task when I get on my computer, because I find it's to hard or even impossible to do the update in the mobile interface.

    The top notch solution would of cause be to make a mobile app with offline access for iOS and Android, but just improving the mobile view, would be a major help to start with.
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