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Idea created by on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 20, February 2015)

    In our use case we need to "remind" some incidents not being resolved to the list of cc's. We would love to be able to do it using the Update utility but I think that this is not available right now. The usage would be to update a same comment on multiple Incidents at a time. (We would for example filter the ones with a past due date and say "Please resolve this incident")


    Another improvement that we see necesary is the ability to choose amongst all the cc's of the incident which ones to notify of the new comment and which not. For example, we post a regular report with an item catalogue, so the people can add up their comments. But many times the comments are unuseful for the majority of the people cc'd. To be able to deselect on each comment would be enough.





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