LDAP Authentication option

Idea created by 7375139 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 12, February 2015)

    I'd love to see an option included in Samanage that allows customers to use a direct authentication with LDAP without needing to install a service, using the ASP script or use a SSO provider.  This option would work as follows:


    Samanage adds an option where the customer can specify the IP or FQDN of their AD server.  The customer would also specify an AD account that has read access to the directory as well as the search base and other needed information.  Samanage would provide the customer with an IP range that they could then add to their firewall ACL to allow Samanage to access AD services.  User accounts could then be automatically provisioned when a user from the domain sends in an email to the service desk-the authentication checks that the mailbox is indeed valid and if so proceeds to create the account.  Once the account is created the same functionality can be used for authentication to sign in to the user portal.


    The beauty of this is that your customers don't have to pay an extra fee to a third party ID management provider and the end users could authenticate into the portal without having to be on the corporate network, VPN etc...

    What problem will this feature solve?: