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Idea created by 3265450 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 2, February 2015)

    I would like to propose the addition of line charts as an alternative to the stacked column charts. I'm finding it very hard to use the stacked charts as it is very hard to spot trends over time using this chart type.

    Example: I do an incident report on the last 90 days and group by Category. This creates something like this:

    I want to use this kind of report to find out if the number of incidents in a specific category changes over time. This is useful because it helps us determine what systems to work on to make things better for our users. But trying to work out if the number is increasing or decreasing within each category is really hard in a stacked chart. It would be much better to use a line chart for this with one line per category and a line for the total number of incidents.
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