Combined Requests

Idea created by 7166025 on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 31, December 2014)

    Just an idea this one, but would be interested to see if anyone else would like to seer this. It would be great to be able to combine service catalog items into packages. For example I may have the following service catalog items:

    1. New Laptop
    2. New Phone
    3. New Computer
    4. New AD Login
    5. New Email

    The above can, and should be selectable individually, as there will be occasions, such as promotion, where an individual may get a mobile phone. However it would be great if we could package the requests into packs such as:

    New Starter Request (comprised of): New Computer, New AD Login and New Email

    This would then mean that the requestor does not have to go through and request each individual item making the UX better. This could be taken even further by having variables in the catalog item triggering the catalog items being requested.

    I can see a lot of demand for this. Example use cases could be:

    • New Starter Requests
    • Software Packages (such as MS Office, Lotus Notes and Visio) as one request
    • Mobile Phone Options (ability to select talk and text or smartphone or request either directly)

    Hope this makes sense and gets some traction!

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