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Idea created by 7166025 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 13, January 2015)

    So today I have started to look at the change and release forms and am already sold on using Samanage for this. However I do have a suggestion. It would be good if a change process could be triggered on the back of a catalog item, or indeed have change request templates sitting in the catalog. A way this could be used:


    1. Item sat in the catalog called "Request Samanage Feature Change"
    2. User clicks on this and fills in the required fields such as justification etc
    3. On submission it automatically gets sent to the IT Service Team to make a decision
    4. On approve notify the user that it is approved and will be on its way


    It would also be good to change the content in the form, but not as a global change. For example I may have the following change types:


    1. IT Hardware Change - Requires information about power supply, rack size etc
    2. IT Software Change - Requires information about regression planning and disaster recovery
    3. Facilities Change - Requires information about cost of change and business justification


    We currently employ different change processes in the business and to be able to aggregate them into the system would be brilliant!

    What problem will this feature solve?: