Adding and using API/service account without activation email

Idea created by 7271152 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 24, December 2014)

    I'm getting ready to deploy an integration tool, and in order for this tool to access the Samanage API I've created a service account in Active Directory, which Samanage uses to auto-populate users (technically it's Active Directory --> Okta --> Samanage)

    The trouble I'm having, though, is getting the service account to authenticate to the API. The issue seems to be that Samanage won't let the service account authenticate *until* account activation occurs via the link sent out in Samanage's activation emails. The problem is that this account doesn't have a mailbox (we'd prefer not to have to create a mailbox just for account activation purposes).

    Is there anyway for me to "activate" this service account so it can authenticate to the Samanage API without creating a mailbox for it? I've tried changing its email address to my personal email address  and re-sending the activation email in Samanage, but this only activates my personal email address as the user ID for this service account. This was a headache because I had to change my personal account's email address, then change the service account's email address, resend the activation email, etc.
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