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    (Originally posted on 2, January 2015)

    Had another idea, not sure how feasible, but would be a nice to have.


    It would be good to attach solutions to service catalog requests and embed them as part of the process. This would hopefully see users go to solutions and "self-fix" before raising a requst or incident. For example:

    Current Process:

    1. User raises service request for broken email using service catalog template
    2. Ticket is created and added to queue
    3. Technician goes to ticket and repoints to solution by inserting it in reply
    4. Job done!

    Proposed process

    1. Users goes to request broken email using catalog
    2. Catalog identifies this and related solutions and prompts them to complete solution before continuing
    3. User goes through solution and presses button to say either solution worked or did not work
    4. On did not work, enables user to continue raising ticket

    My thinking behind this is users will immediately think that a problem is indeed a problem and will want a ticket raising, whereas in reality this is not always the case and can often be self-fixed. It would be good to place steps in where the user has to acknowledge and try self-help first in the hope that it will reduce the "same-old" requests coming through that drain technicians time.


    Let me know what you think!

    What problem will this feature solve?: