Add more fields for Incident creation/update API

Idea created by 7271152 on May 25, 2016
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    • Chad Brown
    • 7271152

    (Originally posted on 11, December 2014)

    Currently the API for creating and updating Incidents is limited compared to Problems and Changes. I'm developing integrations with other tools to automatically generate Incidents in Samanage, but since only some fields can be created/updated with the API I still need to perform some manual work.


    Please make the following fields accessible for creation/updates via the Incidents API (and Problems/Changes if they aren't already there):


    -Assignee (using group names instead of just user email addresses)
    -Assets (using IP address instead of just asset ID)


    It would be great to do assignees by group name so I can assign one ticket to multiple people via the API by assigning it to the group that ticket belongs to (e.g., Windows Sysadmins). Also assigning assets by IP address helps avoid having to query for asset's samanage ID via the Assets API, retrieving that ID, and then passing it along for the Incidents API.


    If I'm mistaken in thinking that creating/updating Incidents with these fields is *not* in the API, please let me know what I'm missing!

    What problem will this feature solve?: