Mobile device issue ....would love to see this done very soon.

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    (Originally posted on 20, November 2014)

    Changing users/tokens assigned to mobile devices from the mobile device page.


    So I made up a dummy user account named ITinventory@******.com in SAM so that I may assign it to all my items/assets in our inventory. One instance I have is when I receive a new mobile device I like to activate it and set it up, then log into my mail account ITinventory@******.com and use the mobile device software invite from SAM I had sent to it, so that I may assign it to the ITinventory users account. This helps me see a phone is activated and in stock under the ITinventory user name.


    Now when I deploy one of the many devices assigned to the ITinventory account to a new user if needed, I cannot just go into the SAmange mobile site and change the user from ITinventory to a different user. The option to overwrite the user to another one in mobile devices does sustain. It will let me change it but then 15 minutes later it goes back assigned to the original ITinventory user.


    The SAmange team has told me that I would have to uninstall the software from the phone then send out a new invite to the new user I wish to assign it to, then when received install the software/token from the email sent to the new user on the device i wish to assign to them.


    This is a real time chipper for us, to sum it up it would be great if the SAM team made it possible to overwrite users/tokens assigned to a mobile device form the SAmange mobile device page. I hope everyone here understands what I am trying to point out in this topic.

    What problem will this feature solve?: