Reporting Functionality Idea - Resolution by Site

Idea created by Employee on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 20, November 2014)

    In the visual reporting section under Incidents, it would be fantastic to be able to scope the resolution down by "Site".  Here's the use case:

    Someone has multiple clients that they support, submitting a variety of different categories of tickets.  Being able to run a report from the last 30 days, with Site as the Resolution (X axis) and Grouped By: Category would allow you to see how many tickets of each category were submitted by each client.

    On that same note - In Incidents Statistics, you can currently Group By: Site but being able to have those Sites broken down by Category going up the Y axis would allow you to see how much time was actually spent on each Category of Ticket per Site/Client.

    Let me know your thoughts!
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