Change the details on the Plans and Subscriptions page to be more accurate

Idea created by 7217119 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 19, November 2014)

    I find the details on the "Plans and Subscriptions" page to be misleading.  Instead of reporting on how many computers, mobile devices, and ITSM users it would be better to only list billable items.

    My suggestion is to use the following.

    • Active agents (any device that has an agent installed and is not in Disposed status)
    • ITSM Users
    • ITSM Light Users

    Currently, I may have a mix of computers and/or mobile devices that have agents and some that don't.  It tells me the total number on this page but it's not accurate compared to the license.


    For example, say I'm licensed for 50 computers, my report could show 65 computers but of those only 40 have active agents.  The rest are manually entered.


    Having a better detailed list of the billable items would help me keep a better handle of my license.

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