Is there any possibilities to give name of the report via email?

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    (Originally posted on 19, November 2014)

    Sometimes Samanage sends report to your email address depending on the size of the report and application perfromance.

    Is there any way we can define report name so that we can bifurcate which report we are opening. Right now what we are getting is following:

    Sub: Your account data export has completed - intevaproducts
    Your data export is complete.

    Dear Haresh Solanki,

    The exported file is ready. Click here to download.

    This link will be available for the next 7 days.

    (In order to access the link you will need to login to your Samanage account).

    The exported data file was created using UTF-8 character encoding.

    At your service,
    The Samanage team


    It will be easy for users to know the report name if they are running couple of reports at a time. 

    Thanks in advance for your response.



    Haresh Solanki

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