Change behavior of 'Update Incident' and 'Create Incident' button

Idea created by Jeremy Jellum on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 14, November 2014)

    When clicking the 'Create Incident' or 'Update Incident' button (depending on if you are creating or updating) it currently takes you out of the current Incident you are creating or updating and back to the line view of your incidents. I want to say 80-90% of the time, I would like to stay in the incident that I am changing so that I can make a comment, or attach another problem or solution to the incident.


    As it stands now, I have to wait for the page of incidents to load, and click back into my incident before I can do so. This presents an even bigger annoyance if you are editing an Incident that is farther down the list of incidents than your most recent. I think that it would be much more useful to the assignee, if instead of taking you back to the line view, that it updates or creates the incident and then shows the Incident page and not the line view.


    If I want to get back to the line view, I simply need to click the back link in the top left. This is how most sites and applications work anyways, where you update the page, you can view your changes and then click back to continue your daily routine.


    As always, thank you for considering this, and sorry if this is a duplicate. I didn't see something similar to this request in the list.

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