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Idea created by 6620002 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 29, January 2014)

    1. Ability to Merge Tickets in the Service Desk into one ticket.


    2. Option to Disable or block Requesters/end-users to be able to add and reply to CC email addresses on their tickets. Zendesk has this feature and it helps greatly with preventing constant email blasts to others who were CCd in the email/ticket by the original ticket requester (they have the tickets go into a ?Suspended? state which can be later approved or rejected by admins).


    3. Ability to write to end-users computers/mobiles where the SAM agent is installed. Specifically including the ability for admins to remote wipe, lock, power off, password reset, and remote into devices.


    4. SAM agent changed so end-users cannot uninstall the SAM agent from their computer or mobile once installed (only by admins). Maybe make it so admins have to use a separate downloadable ?uninstalling agent? to uninstall it from a device if they need to.


    5. Ability to search for computers/users in the Map using a keyword/google search bar.


    6. A Software License Key column in Contracts where related contract keys are automatically pulled from installed machines (or just a text box field where they can be added manually at least) next to each row of software installation.


    7. A User Name column in Contracts where a SAM user can be added or typed in next to each row of software installation.



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