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    (Originally posted on 27, October 2014)

    I did some searching through other ideas regarding filtering and I wasn't able to specifically find a request to add "or" statements in the filters.


    The current filter logic is using an "And" statement for all filters. I think we could add a lot of benefit and functionality if we were given the additional filter option "Or".


    For example:


    I am an IT manager and I would like to see the following in my main dashboard view:


    1. tickets assigned to me
    2. anybody in my team
    3. assigned to the corporate network support group


    Filter statement would be (1 or 2 or 3).


    We could add other functionality to say I only wanted to see these cases if they were created within the last 7 days.


    (1 or 2 or 3) AND Created Date = Last 7 Days.


    I think having more granular control over the filters would be a big benefit for everyone!


    Thanks for the consideration.


    -Craig Stockman

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