Category and Subcategory automated routing - after case has been created

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    • Nathan Evenson
    • Sam Buccieri-Gillett
    • Cody DeVecht

    (Originally posted on 10, October 2014)

    The workflow to assign incidents only runs upon a new incident creation and we would like to improve this automation. We currently support 42 locations and have quite a few local and corporate support team groups.

    We would like the user?s to not assign cases to the categories/subcategories in the portal (they often choose incorrectly). We would prefer if the Global Helpdesk team could categorize the cases as they came in, which should assign them to the correct ?default assignees?, in theory.


    Case from User User:

    (goes through unassigned, which is intended)

    Now the Helpdesk receives the case, reads it and decides to add the correct category and subcategory:

    (either in line editing or opening the case and updating it)

    The default assignee for the Category Applications and Subcategory Arcole Payroll is as follows:

    The feature request is to have the workflow run based on the default assignee for case automation and routing.

    As with the current workflow the system would look first to who is manually assigned to the case and this manual assignment would override the 'default'. This would prevent people mistakenly removing themselves from cases.

    I think this would be a strong feature for many environments including ours, that includes about 50-60 groups/queues that could be assigned to a case.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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