Service Catalog "Process Management", proposal.

Idea created by Ronald Koons on May 25, 2016
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    • Ronald Koons

    (Originally posted on 27, August 2014)

    I am working on creating a Service Catalog item and I?m not sure if I?m doing it wrong, or just expecting too much:

    I have a group of standard users that are, internally, Project Managers.

    There are also two users that are tasked with the job of approving all new CAD projects requested by the Project Managers.

    Once one of these two people approve the initial information, there is a group of us ?Underlings? that do the grunt work of creating folders and directories, Etc. for this new project.

    What I would like the Service Catalog to do is:

    1. Allow the Project Managers to request a new project. This request would include custom fields to force them to provide specific information needed to open this project.

    2. The information from #1 gets sent to both of the two Project approvers noted above through the Samanage Service Catalog interface.

    2a. If one of them reject it, I need them to be able to respond to the original requester, asking for more information or clarification, Etc. At this point, the originator can respond with the requested info, allowing the Project approvers to approve and process it further.

    2b. If one of them accepts this request as being complete, I would need them (Project approvers), to add a couple items of additional information, and then by approving, pass it onto the ?Underlings? for final processing.

    3. Each of the ?Underlings? then needs to be able to finish up their portions of the project creation process. The original request would stay open until all parties were satisfied with the provided information, and had completed their tasks, at which point, the originator would be informed that the project setup was completed.

    This ?Project? is a collection of folders and files on one of 4 servers in the corporate network, as well as Email folders and other hard copy elements that need to be filed in filing cabinets. The Samanage system would simply be used as a clearing house for the various people and their respective contributions to the completion of this new project setup.

    In this case, Samanage would be more of a "Process Management", system, allowing for central management of the process of creating this project. Samanage would not have to do any of the actual Project setup or management.

    I am able to setup a basic framework of tasks and steps, and I am able to plug in the correct people at the proper stages. However, when the Project managers request the new Project and the two approvers get the email from Samanage, they cannot open up the URL provided and the new task never shows up in their user portal.


    I can see that a new task creates a task in Outlook. I would almost rather see the option to track this task in Samanage as well. There is an advantage to having everything on one place.

    What problem will this feature solve?: