CC: Line option available from Portal side for SR, with the ability of a Portal user to view and update Request

Idea created by 6912985 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Sebastian Pereira
    • 6912985

    (Originally posted on 21, July 2014)

    Can you create the option to add CC: Line to Service Catalog
    ? Currently the only way we can do this is with the Approver function in the
    Service Catalog. Several people need to be in the know about the Service
    Request who are not the Approver, Assignee, or Requestor. There is an option to
    add a recipient to the CC: Line after the creation of a Service Request, but
    the Portal users do not have access to view Service Request or Incident, based
    off the permissions of Portal User access to <Requestor> information. If
    we lift the restriction where the Portal User has access to all Incidents we
    open the ?My Request? page to all open/closed request to show up under their profile,
    this makes the ?My Request? page unmanageable for our primary audience (177
    Portal Users). We can assign all users as Application user, which will grant
    the access to update and view the incident, but this steers us away for the
    ITIL process flow, which is not the direction we want to go.  

    Our request is twofold:  

    (1)Add CC: Line to Service Request being created
    from the Portal side of the application

    (2)The CC: User(s) have the ability to
    view and edit any request they copied on.
    What problem will this feature solve?: