More robust and flexible variables area for service catalog items

Idea created by 6604738 on May 25, 2016

    (Originally posted on 24, January 2014)

    We love the idea of the service catalog! Our 75+ managers have requested that we move our workloads away from fillable pdfs to the Samanage catalog. However, it is difficult to create an item that requires many variables for user input because of the fact that we cannot move variables up and down once they are created. There are times when you realize a variable should be moved up or down.


    Additionally, there is no option for a dialogue box that would allow you to add a description for a set of variables or just simply just a comment "You agree to return equipment when said employee separates..."


    Please make this a top priority! We want to make use of the service catalog but the item creation needs to be more flexible and allow for more customization with fields and variables.


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