More SLA breach re-assignment & notification options

Idea created by on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Joel Ferguson

    (Originally posted on 2, September 2014)

    Currently, when Setting a SLA breach Action, the options are limited to re-assigning to / or notifying  individuals or groups.  The addition of an option to re-assign the incident / or notification to the Incident Assignees Manager, the individual Group leader, or the Site / Department Manager would be very helpful. This request is very similar to the options used to define the task assignees on the Service Catalog.  Example:  Currently, you can create multiple SLA's to cover this functionality, however, as Users are added, removed, or move around the organization, it would become very difficult to manage.  These actions could be defined once and stay in place as Users change.  Thanks!

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