Mobile Mgmt: Allow to change the owner manually, even if we used an email invitation/token-id to linked the device to Samanage

Idea created by 7074180 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 30, August 2014)

    We need to install the Samanage agent for Mobiles in our School iPads, because we don't want to add manually the iPads to the software.


    However, what we do, is to send the email invitation to me, so we can get the link to install the agent, and we use the same link in all the iPads. Then, once the iPads appeared on Samanage, we edit the owner manually and we set the Teacher of the classroom as the owner.


    But when the iPads (or the agent) report back to Samanage, it changes the owner to "Me" again...


    "The invite has a token which is associated to an email address which is associated to a person. Every time the agent reports back it will update the owner". Oz Merchant, Director of Customer Success at Samanage.


    We would like to change the owner manually, so the agent can't update it after our manual edition.

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