Exporting Reports

Idea created by Ronald Koons on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Richard Wills
    • Ronald Koons
    • hsolanki@intevaproducts.com

    (Originally posted on 27, August 2014)

    A couple things:


    When we go to the list of risks, two of the things that pop up are "No Virus Software", and "Low Disk Space".


    Sometimes, the easiest course is to export to a .PDF and then email it to someone. However, the .PDF it creates is a generic .PDF that does not reflect the issue in question.


    We need a way to customize the .PDF output so that we can add a title, date, originator, Etc.


    The .PDF report is great, but I find myself apologizing for not having a title and other more specific information.


    It would also be nice if there was a new setup screen allowing us to setup "Default Report settings". This would allow for a logo, default to todays date, originator via who is logged into the machine, Etc. This way, whenever a new report is created, this default information would be included by default, and then the ability to add more specific information as noted above would be added manually by the creator of the specific originator.



    What problem will this feature solve?: