Pre-check logic for other asset imports

Idea created by Steven LeBoeuf on May 25, 2016
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    • Steven LeBoeuf

    (Originally posted on 25, July 2014)

    When importing other assets, if there are fields that do not map properly the import process just skips the record and continues on. This can be problematic when you have a large number of items to import and some of the records are skipped. The current fix is to go back, create a new csv file with only the "problem" records included. It would be helpful if you had the option to abort the entire import when an error is encountered. Of course, we'd need to know which fields are incorrect.


    As an example, I had a csv file with about 75 records. 15 of those records did not import because of missing or incorrect fields so I ended up with 61 records imported instead. I had to create a new csv file, find the incorrect records in the old csv file, copy them out, correct them, and import again. It would have been much quicker if the system gave me same errors but allowed me to correct the problems and try the import again.


    Alternately, if the system just updated existing records instead of creating duplicates that would have solved the problem as well.

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