Expand multitenancy to allow for mixture of email domains

Idea created by Luis Hernandez on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 10, August 2014)

    We would like for Samanage to expand multitenancy so portal users from heterogeneous organizations can use the same email addresses across Samanage clients, but are directed appropriately depending on the organization to which they would like to access at login. For example, we share the same portal users with other educational institutions. Some of these portal users prefer to set their primary email address to that of the other institutions. Since the other educational institutions are also clients of Samanage, we are unable to add these portal users to our instance of Samanage. Likewise, if we add a portal user first and this user becomes a student/faculty/staff at another institution while also remaining a recognized member of our institution, the other institution will not be able to add the portal user to their instance of Samanage if the portal user wants to reuse the existing email address already registered in Samanage.


    It seems like this is a major limitation that could inhibit the ability for Samanage to penetrate the education market. From our end, we are limited to adding portal users that do not already have an account with the same email address from another entity that is also a client of Samanage. We have already encountered the limit with other educational institutions as well as for-profit businesses.




    Luis O. Hern�ndez
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    Amherst College

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