Individuals on the To: line of an email submitted incident should be added to the CC of the incident automatically

Idea created by 6992311 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 21, July 2014)

    When a user submits a request, it could very well be a "Reply All" where they include helpdesk email address (or the drop-box email address).

    The problem is that any included recipients on the To: line of the email submitted are lost completely when taken into Samanage. 

    The CC: line get's added to the CC of the incident

    The end result is to make sure that all contacts included on the original submission would receive responses from Samanage.

    Please see the example screenshot below:
    • Email addresses that will be included on the CC of the incident and will recieve responses:
    • Email addresses that will NOT be included (i.e. lost) and thus will NOT receive responses:,
    • The email address for submission to samanage and thus should NOT be included in responses: 

    The end result should be that any email addresses that is/are NOT the samanage submission email should automatically be added to the CC line of the incident.  For logic, some kind of email address exclude list per drop box could be used to manage such logic.  That way it then becomes a creation/update process of:  Add any email address in the TO or CC lines to the CC of the incident if it doesn't match an email address in the exclude list.
    What problem will this feature solve?: