Dashboard Widget to Display Department's Tasks/Incidents

Idea created by 7017173 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration

    (Originally posted on 1, August 2014)

    Currently there is no way to have a dashboard widget that displays your department's open Incidents or Tasks.
    You can work around it with RSS feeds based on filters, but this seems like pretty basic functionality that should be available - and RSS is far from a perfect technology.


    On my Dashboard, I should be able to see all the open tickets my department has yet to deal with, and all tasks that still need to be done, and there should be a link to take me to the full list from that widget. Including the name of the person who started the request would be helpful too, which is something that RSS does not include currently.


    There is a widget for My Tasks, but if I work in a Service Desk as one of a team, there needs to be an easy way of seeing what the team has to work on, and then claiming it as a task I will do.

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