End-User Task Assignee Role

Idea created by Adam.Shearin@Samanage.com on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 30, July 2014)

    For some Samanage customers it would be helpful for certain End-Users to have the ability to view and close complete Tasks.  To clarify, I do not mean Tasks from the Service Catalog but from the Tasks field in Incidents, Other Assets, & Contracts.  Currently, there is no option in Set-up Roles / Permissions for these Tasks.  The idea would be to create an End-User Role that would allow access to the Tasks list on the back of the Dashboard or at the individual Tab levels. Example:  HR End-User is assigned a task based on a submitted Incident.  The HR End-User will receive a task notification message with a link back to the Incident.  The HR End-User clicks the link and is brought back to view the Incident but can only update / close complete the associated Task.




    - Adam

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