Add new SaaS software category as new assets type (Linking a Change Request to a Software Package)

Idea created by 7008735 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 29, July 2014)

    I'm just getting started with Samanage and working out how it can fit within our business.

    We have recently launched a PLM system (a big, ERP-like piece of software used for managing delivery of engineering services and products). I'd like to use Samanage to track change requests from RFC through approval to implementation, but I can't see how I can link the Change to the PLM system. The PLM isn't a piece of hardware, and you can't create new pieces of software that weren't discovered by the Agent (PLM is web based). I've tried creating it as an Other Asset, but you can't link those to changes. Any advice on best practice in this area is much appreciated!

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