UI Change Request:  Incident View

Idea created by 6961764 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Mark Epstein
    • 6961764

    (Originally posted on 3, July 2014)



    I know it's been brought up that the Incident queue view is undergoing a change with the UI/UX, and something that I noticed is that the Actions column takes a lot of real estate.  If you decide to add a lot of custom columns into this queue view, you'll lose a lot just by having one button take up an entire column.


    My personal opinion is that these buttons would be much more practical if moved over to be active with the Title column.  I've attached a screenshot of my idea.


    Not only does this save from having an entire column hogged up by a tiny button, but this makes User navigation much more fluid as most people will be moving their cursor to the title field area to begin with to either look at the ticket, or in this case, edit the ticket.


    What problem will this feature solve?: