Restriction to Roles so users cannot be assigned Incidents

Idea created by 6641807 on May 25, 2016
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    • Josh Mills
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    (Originally posted on 21, July 2014)

    At the moment, it is e.g. possible to assign Incidents to Read Only-users, which are not solving Incidents. Read Only-users can e.g. be Managers monitoring the usage and performance, Audit Management looking at the Software and Risks, and the Billing Department looking at the Contracts.

    However, it is currently possible to assign Incidents to these individuals even though they are not Service Desk users (the Role "Users"). Being Read Only-users, they cannot even un-assign or re-assign the Incident to someone else.

    We are looking to add a restriction to a Role so that users in that Role will not appear on the list of users, who you can assign an Incident to.

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