Service Catalog - UI changes / confirmation request

Idea created by 6961764 on May 25, 2016
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    • Reyna Santamaria
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    (Originally posted on 16, July 2014)



    I have some suggestions for the Service Catalog as I myself have fallen victim to this.


    Attached above is the view when editing a catalog entry.  When you create multiple groups, the only separation between them are these slender grey lines.  If you end up creating a catalog entry in phases with groups, it's not easy on the eyes to distinguish where a bunch of tasks reside and where the new section/group begins.  Adding a backfill color of this grey to the entire group would be a tremendous help/improvement, or making the breaks between groups much more distinguishable.


    As far as confirmation request, when you click Delete Group, there is absolutely no confirmation.  I fell victim of this when creating a ton of tasks within a group, before "Updating catalog item".  Nobody likes to be bombarded with confirmation windows, but one on this delete seems like it might be beneficial since there's no going back.


    Last request goes for the variables section.  Love the options, and love the ability to create checkboxes.  It would be fantastic to be able to add a variable that's more or less a simple headline, or a title that will go over your series of checkboxes.  It makes the user experience much more usable for those that have to fill out the forms (end user, HR, anyone not managing Samanage from the back end).


    That's it for now.



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