Modify date from report view

Idea created by Steven LeBoeuf on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Steven LeBoeuf
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    • Jessica Gasta

    (Originally posted on 9, July 2014)

    It would help workflow if you can change the due date on incidents from the incidents report. Or, at a minimum, change it from the comment page. Here's an example:

    A user has a problem. Troubleshooting determines that a part is needed which will cause the "due date" to change. Currently, you have to: Find the incident. Then, click to view the incident. Then, type a comment and click again to post the comment. Then, click a button to edit the incident. Then, change the date. Then, click again to "Update Incident".

    There are times that medium or low priority incidents get pushed back for other reasons and the ability to change the date from the report view would be a huge time saver. Seems that if you can change the state, category, and priority from the report view you should also be able to change the date.
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