Last Comment in Current View

Idea created by Jordan Rice on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration

    (Originally posted on 23, April 2014)

    Similar to selecting to view an incident's description, I'd like to request the option to select and view the last comment made on an incident within Current View.  I export the current view as a PDF each day, upload it to Drive, and attach it to a Daily report email for easy review and reporting for our Service Desk team.  The previous Service Desk system we were using allowed for a column reflecting the "Latest Comment".  This was beneficial for management to quickly scan and asses the level of service and comments made for all tickets generated within the attached report on the Daily Report email.  Unless I've overlooked something, I can't find an easy way to view and assess the Latest Comments on incidents without inspecting each individual ticket.


    Thank you for your consideration and any information or input you may have regarding this.

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