I would like all the ticketing information to be in one place.

Idea created by 6732903 on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 13, March 2014)

    I would like all the ticketinginformation to be in one place.  Right now if I want to add the catagorey to a ticket I have to edit it, but if I want to add a coment I have to open it.  All the fields of the ticket should be available to me in one click.  I want to be able to click once, assign the ticket, catagorize it, update the status and respond to the user if needed.  One stop shopping.  Since we have started using the system we have no metrics on catagories since none of our technicians "edit" they just open.
    Also, there should be a Save changes button as opposed to the auto update.  Right now when in a ticket and make a change to the status, I have to wait for it to update, then click back to incidents.  One stop shopping, change the status click save and it should update and return me to the incident queue.  Thanks

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