Process Re-Organization & Independence

Idea created by 6644556 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 10, March 2014)

    SAManage defines itself as having a strong focus on service requests to serve IT departments' needs, but it lacks a lot in the area of Services.


    I'm sure my request falls underneath the blanket of a lot of others that have been posted here, but I'd like to bring it up since I haven't seen anyone propose my exact idea.


    The "Process" section of the Service Catalog entries is a bit dull right now. Sometimes we write a Service and simply put a single process... "Take care of it"
    It seems wasteful and useless, but realistically some of our service requests may have really obvious or as straightforward as solving the issue (eg: mapping a printer, adding a fileshare, changing printer ink cartridges etc.)


    For the more complex processes, the ability to reorganize each process item would be extremely valuable as well, for the same reason many have posted about re-arranging variables (a feature I have seen many posts about and has been noted as "planned" for some time now).


    Currently, when a service catalog item is requested it lists a "Delivery time" which I believe is dependent upon the number of process items and the way they are organized hierarchically. It is very unclear as to how the "Delivery time" is determined, and it would be great for us to specify this either by how long it takes to do each process item, or simply by specifying it ourselves, independent on how many processes there are to be completed. In the same regard, certain processes may be dependent upon another, making the time additive, and some may be independent, making the time concurrent.


    Which leads me to my next suggestion/point, Process Independence.
    I think the current Concurrence system is a strong attempt to do this, but I think it needs to be revisited and re-thought, as currently concurrence cannot be done on multiple hierarchical levels. To work with the current system, it takes more time to think about how we organize our process to work with the way SAManage organizes processes, than to think about how we wish to process the service request. Certain things are 100% independent of others, and do not fit beneath or above any other process, and may be processed at different times depending on time of the month, or other important changes that are going on within the organization (end of year, end of quarter, system upgrades, external organization requests etc.) Instead of only concurrency, I would like the ability to specify a process of Independent, and then it would be able to be completed at ANY time, without requiring it be at the same process level as another.

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