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Idea created by 6626540 on May 25, 2016

    (Originally posted on 5, February 2014)

    This was a feature of GLPI which I used for a time way back when.  The idea is twofold:1) Create a custom field value of link".  Yes, raw links are clickable if entered into a text box, but it's messy.2) Expose various id variables that can be used in links, such as %hostname%, %assetID%, %incidentID%, etc.I've already worked out a few beneficial use cases and implemented them via Tampermonkey in Chrome, which isn't terribly robust.  However, I can now do the following:1) Start a Bomgar session to a machine from a link attached to the asset...actually from any link to an asset I'm injecting a second link to Bomgar so that firing up our remote support is very fast.  Bomgar has a simple API from which you can do quite a bit just via a simple URL...all you need is the hostname...which I'm parsing out of the link to the asset.2) Start vPro KVM using a kvm:\\ uri to the host.  (requires RealVNC to be installed)3) Connect to a machines Intel AMT web page.  (I'm actually passing credentials and linking directly to the remote page so I can power machines up/down/etc quickly).These examples all require that we be accessing Samanage from the LAN or via VPN which is fine.Another thing that I may try is a link to the vendor's support page based on the asset's model number or asset tag.A custom link, then, might look like:http://somewhere/do-something-useful?... %hostname% is dynamically replaced by Samanage when creating the page.Finally, it would be absolutely amazing if then links could be shown or hidden depending on these variables.  For instance, only show the link to an Asset's HP support page if the machine's vendor is HP."

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