More efficient way of assigning asset owners/users.

Idea created by 6626540 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration

    (Originally posted on 5, February 2014)

    Currently, asset owners/users are displayed as a drop-down list and only with first name/last name. It's pretty hard to match on an exact user when sorting through a large list (26,000 in my organization's case), but without a 3rd field like email address or middle name, it's near impossible to be 100% which user you're choosing regardless of the list size. This feature is effectively broken in its current form due to these deficiencies.It would be great to have this field change to a free-text field that automatically displays possible matches as you type which can be picked from below the text field. These possible options should include ALL user info, primarily email address, so the helpdesk operator can verify the correct user is being chosen when picked.

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