Ability to import a multiple computers

Idea created by 6633323 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 4, February 2014)

    We would like to see the ability to Import multiple computers with a CSV. Our university purchases 250+ computers every year to replace the older computers on our campus through an upgrade initiative. Since, all of these computers come in at one time we cannot immediately being setting them up and installing the agent on them but would like to at times pull reports on the computers that were ordered under that specific purchase that are currently being used; which also helps us to get an accurate count on our remaining inventory for that purchase. In the next week, we will have 550+ computers coming in at one time for a new building and would like to be able to import a CSV with the serial numbers, purchase order information and our asset ID/tags to serve as placeholders until the actual agent is installed on these machines.

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