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Update: Due to some fantastic feedback from the Community, we have decided to make a few modifications to the new User Experience for the View/Edit screens prior to pushing this enhancement live to all accounts. Stay tuned to this post as we will be updating it to highlight the changes and giving you a new date on when we will be pushing this live. Thanks!


Samanage is excited to announce an updated, sleek new User Interface in the main Service Desk pages. This is an ongoing project geared towards restructuring the way the Details pages operate and will be released through multiple milestones.


This isn’t just an aesthetic change, these changes will add functional value that will allow you to better support your employees.


These changes will:


  • Streamline your agent experience
  • Drive for more consistency throughout the product
  • Allow you to work more effectively when supporting your customers


Scope of UX Update:


This is going to be impacting the Detail pages which consist of incidents, problems, changes, releases, CMDB, Solutions, other assets, and procurement tools. Some future enhancements may only be applicable to certain areas of the application, for example just incident management, however, we will be pushing for a consistent experience throughout the application.


Here’s what’s changing:


  1. Top Bar- We’re adding a new "sticky"  bar at the top of the Details page that includes the freshly designed State field, as well as Edit, and Actions buttons. The State field will be inline editable, meaning you can change the state without having to go into edit mode. This bar remains frozen while you scroll and will follow you down the page. After you edit a page, the edit button changes to Save and is accessible at any time when scrolling.


  1. Quick Actions- The Assigned to and Priority fields have a new look and a new place in the UI. In addition, these fields will be inline editable, allowing you to quickly reassign and reprioritize tickets without going in to edit mode.




  1. Related Items Refresh- There is a new look to Related Items, although we are not adding any functionality now, more will be added in the future (stay tuned- this is gonna get cool).




4. Navigation Bar Update- The Menu Navigation Bar on the left has been redesigned for maximum aesthetic appeal. At the top of the navigation bar, a new Most Used appears which contains up to 3 pages you last visited. 

In order to streamline the User Experience, the Service Desk pages are no longer duplicated at the top of the screen, and instead appear as a further drop down navigation.


5. Resolution Area Update- Samanage has added the time, date and agent's name to the Resolution dialog box. This provides more information at a glance when looking at Resolved Incidents.


6. Inline Editing- You can now edit inline the title of Service Desk items, such as Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Solutions, etc, without being in the Edit screen. Simply hover over the title field, click and edit as required. Press Enter when done.  


How to activate the new UI


Due to the magnitude of the changes in this update, we have released this in Labs allowing you to manage the change of releasing this to your teams. 



Simply flip the switch and you are good to go.


As we continue to improve Samanage, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about this enhancement!


Your Samanage Team

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