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Samanage is excited to announce that we have released an enhancement that allows you to build roles that hide sections of the application from certain users. This feature will streamline the experience for your agents and requesters by allowing you to remove areas of the application that are not applicable.


This enhancement is especially important for users outside of IT. The IT related areas may be confusing and inhibit your service agents from getting where they need to go, smoothly. This feature will give them a clearer, easier way to interact with Samanage.


Here are a few examples for Service Agents:


  1. You may have Human Resources Agents using your service desk for case management. You are now able to remove the ITIL features (Problem, Change, and Release), contracts, and asset management, which simplifies their interface with the application.  

Here is an example of a role setup for an HR agent:



This is how it will look to your HR Agent when using the application:




  1. Your facilities team uses Samanage to track work orders and assets they manage. They don’t need access to computers, benchmarks, and ITIL features - those are just clogging up their service desk. Now, you can remove those obstacles from their way and give them a cleaner service desk.


Here is an example of a role setup for a Facilities agent:



This is how it will look to your Facilities Agent when using the application:




  1. You may have agents that use asset management only. Those users need access to all of your assets, the risks associated, and the procurement tools. They have limited access to the Service Desk so that they can only see the status of the tickets they’ve submitted.


Here is an example of a role setup for asset management only:



This is how it will look for asset management only when using the application:




For Requesters:


  1. You may have an outside vendor that you want to have use your portal, but you only want them to access certain categories and you don’t want them to see your Solutions articles. Now you are able to remove the Solutions section from their Portal view while still keeping it available for your employees.


Here is an example of a role setup for vendors:



This is how it will look for vendors when using the application:




Note: Some section menus are dependant on permissions of other objects. They will be shown or hidden if the object they depend on is shown or hidden. For example, software and printers are based upon computers. Reconcile and import are shown if a user has access to at least one procurement object.


As we continue to improve Samanage, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about this enhancement!


Your Samanage Team

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