Smart Solutions Suggestions Tutorial for Agents

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Samanage is excited to announce an enhancement that suggests solutions to your agents. By analyzing the contents of your tickets, Samanage now provides the right resources to your internal service providers in real time.


This feature helps boost efficiency by:


  • Equipping your agents with easy access to the resources that allow them to resolve tickets more quickly
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing, ensuring all agents (especially those new to your company) can find the resources they need efficiently
  • Reshaping your organization to be more productive by better aligning resources to resolve tickets. This allows agents to focus on bigger projects by streamlining the way they handle repetitive issues.   


Use cases:


Real-Time Resources


Your team is receiving many tickets about Outlook issues. You have prewritten Solutions for them to diagnose and resolve these issues, however, searching for the correct solutions tends to create a bottleneck. This new functionality will cut down the time your agents spend searching for Solutions by analyzing the data in the ticket and suggesting the proper solutions to resolve.


New Hire


You hire a new agent. During their training, you want them to work some basic tier 1 tickets. However, you have a knowledge base of over one thousand solutions articles, making it difficult for them to find the resources they need. This new functionality will bring the appropriate solutions articles to their attention allowing them to better acclimate to the resources available.  



What To Consider First?


This feature does not require any setup. However, you must have a developed knowledge base in the system for it to start making suggestions. Once this feature is actively working in your system, it will continue to evolve and learn from your behaviors, becoming more accurate the more you use the functionality.


Here are two things that might change for your team:


  1. You may be using a knowledge base as a reference but not attached these articles to the tickets. This feature gets more accurate by attaching Solutions to incidents. You may want to promote this throughout your organization.
  2. This feature suggestion both internal and approved solutions. Keep in mind that you cannot send internal solutions to requesters. 



Where can I access this feature?


3 ways to access:


  1. Create ticket- When you start typing information into the ticket, solutions will be suggested on the right hand side, under the Solutions tab.

  2. When viewing/editing a ticket- Solution suggestions will show up on the right hand side, under the solutions tab. *Note- this works great with the functionality that allows you to push a solution to a comment.

  3. When adding a solution to a comment- The suggested comments will show up first next to a blue outline sidebar.



Not seeing Smart Suggestions?


Keep in mind that this feature continues to learn from your behavior. If you haven't used Solutions heavily in the past, the system will not have what it needs to make accurate suggestions. Continue to attach Solutions and build your knowledge base to achieve optimal results from this feature.


This is a move towards changing the way Samanage is harnessing the cloud, giving you the resources to sift more efficiently through data and increase productivity throughout your organization.  




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