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Samanage is excited to announce enhanced login policies giving you an additional level of security for your service desk. As your service desk evolves, we want to provide you with tools to build the policies that support your company’s specific needs.


How to Use:


This functionality is available in the new “Login Policy” section of the setup and is broken down into two parts:


Password Policy Settings:


This allows you to customize your password policy, allowing you to choose the desired security settings when your users are creating a password for Samanage. Note: If your users are using SSO to access the system, the password policy you set with your SSO provider WILL supersede these settings.  


Here you are able to:


  1. Customize the settings differently for Requesters and Non-Requesters
  2. Establish a minimum password length policy
  3. Adjust the complexity requirements of your passwords
  4. Set password expiration rules
  5. Set an invalid login attempt rules



Session Timeout Rules:


This allows you to set timeout rules to customize the when users need to re-login to the system. Here you can choose between:


  1. Interval Based Re-Logins- meaning you can choose the time parameter required for a user to re-login. For example, you may want users to re-login once a month.
  2. Inactivity Based Re-logins- allowing you to select login parameters based on how long a user is inactive in the system. For example, you may want a user to re-login if they have been inactive for an 8 hour duration.



As we continue to improve Samanage, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about this enhancement!


Your Samanage Team

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