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The following is a design guide to assist you in updating the existing portal to the new design and make it looks its best.

A strong portal is recommended as many of our new, exciting features are contingent on it.   

To get the most out of your new portal, follow the recommendations of our expert team.






  • Choose the main color for the portal; it should match your brand colors
  • The secondary color will be based on the main color and will be automatically generated
  • Dark colors are preferable






  • The font color will be the contrasting to the background color
    • A dark background will have a light font, and vice versa









  • The company logo should be uploaded
  • You can upload the following file types: .png, .jpg, .svg, .pdf (a .png file is recommended)
  • The logo background should be transparent
  • If you have multiple logo options, upload a horizontal, rectangular logo
  • The ideal size is 160 pixels wide and 40 pixels high



NameComponent NameExamples
Typepng, jpg, svg, pdf

160px width

40px height





  • If you know that your logo requires an optical compensation - you can insert an empty inner space

  so that it looks balanced within the portal. See an example of the Samanage logo.

  • The maximum size includes internal empty spaces
  • The logo color should be contrasting to the background color


SpecialIf you know that your logo requires an optical compensation - you can insert an empty inner space

ColorContrasting color to the background color 



  • If you upload a file with a different size, it will be increased or decreased proportionally
  • If the logo is larger than 160 pixels wide - it will shrink to 160 pixels
  • If the logo is smaller than the desired dimensions - it will skew up to the full height of 40 pixels or a full width of 160 pixels






  • If you are interested in uploading an icon/shape, the recommended size is 40 pixels for height & width









  • We created a welcome statement for you - Welcome to the Service Portal
  • We strongly recommend leaving this sentence as it creates a workflow within the portal, promoting the user and immediately leading him to the search area - which is the fastest and most efficient option for portal use. It also allows your users to take advantage of the AI powered suggestion feature.
  • If you want to change the welcome sentence, you can enter the settings section and change it
  • The sentence what can we help you with? -  cannot be changed




    • Upload a primary image to the portal
    • Image content - Choose an image that conveys your company culture
    • The colors in the picture should match the color of the brand
    • It is very important to choose a picture that is horizontal


  • The ideal size is 900 pixels width and 300 pixels height



  • Images will shrink or expand proportionally
  • Too narrow a picture (below the recommended width) will produce an empty space, decreasing portal aesthetic.
  • Images that are too tall will shrink to the minimum level - and again create an empty space - which is not ideal





Rich text


  • If you want to add some text, you can add it in the same place you upload the image.
  • It is important to add an empty space between the end of the image and the beginning of the text.
  • There is no option to change fonts size or color


The Popular Services and Useful Articles section


  • We recommend a maximum of 5-10 links per column so that users can see them all without having to scroll down
  • We recommend balancing the length of the two lists
  • Too many links will create big empty spaces- decreasing portal aesthetic
  • Too many links also will also push the “Create New Incident” option down, obscuring it from the user
  • The links are sorted according to their level of popularity.


Let us know if you have any questions! 


Your Samanage Team

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