Resolution Codes and Their Purpose in Life

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Resolution codes are something that we all don't really think about when it comes to working a ticket. When you are done working a ticket you want to close it as fast as possible. I get it, I am the same way but we can't forget about resolution codes. So what are resolution codes and why are they important? Let me break it down for you!


First, lets start with defining Resolution Code. Webster says the following about Resolution: the act or process of resolving. Thanks Webster! Webster also says this about Code: a system of signals or symbols for communication. Awesome! So lets break that down to where it actually makes sense. 


Resolution Code : a phrase/word used to quickly describe how a ticket was resolved that is used for reporting purposes. 


  • We all want to know what the final resolution was at the end of the ticket. I know that is a very, "well duh" answer but the more info you put into the resolution the more you are going to help yourself and your co-workers out in the long run. Also, everyone loves a team player. 
  • Data. The more data you have the more you can get out of your service desk. When you are able to report on how many tickets are closed using certain resolution codes you are able to see what type of tickets you might want to take a deeper look at. Basically you can look at all your tickets resolved with the resolution code of Not Solved or Postponed to see why those tickets were resolved with that resolution code. Once you figure out why you can prevent those types of tickets from being closed not resolved. 
  • Solutions. Once you start collecting resolution codes and running reports on them you will be able to see what you will want to build solutions around. Solutions allow your techs and the end users the ability to resolve their tickets quicker.
  • Examples:
    • Solved (Work Around)
    • Solved (Permanently)
    • Not Solved (Not Reproducible)
    • Not Solved (Too Costly)
    • Not Solved
    • Aborted
    • Duplicate
    • Postponed

Resolution codes are customizable in Samanage by going to Setup - Service Desk. Not only are you able to customize the list of codes but you are also able to make them required for the tech to fill out. This is awesome because it makes it so you can collect all this awesome data for the future. 


Now go conquer the world with your new fully customizable Resolution Codes!


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