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In July 2016, we released Samanage Agent 2.0, designed to replace the Samanage Open Computer and Software (OCS) agent. This new agent supports Windows and Macintosh-based systems and provides customers with a more secure and scalable solution, while enabling Samanage to add additional capabilities in the future.


Samanage has made the End-of-Life process for the former OCS agent. By way of this notice, we encouraged customers using the OCS agent to transition to the new Samanage Agent technology. The OCS Agent went End-of-Life on October 31st, 2017, and resulted in the agent NOT pulling updated data back to your Samanage Instance at that time.


Although the launch of the Samanage Agent 2.0 is setting the groundwork for future enhanced asset management functionality with Samanage, the agent is not currently built to support Linux based devices. Support for the OCS Linux Agent ended on June 30th, 2017. Samanage is not planning to continue support for Linux-based devices.


What is the value of the Samanage Agent 2.0?

We focused on these three value enhancements for Samanage Agent 2.0:


Easier to Deploy with Better Data: Samanage Agent 2.0 has been built to be easier to deploy, easier to scale throughout your organization, and with Automatic Updates, ensures you have the latest version. This agent will also pull better and more complete data from your assets, for example we improved handling situations of empty hotfix listings. (See FAQ for more information)


Enhanced Security and Support: This gives you encrypted data within a silo with your own private key, using the latest TLS standard. Also, this allows our support team to diagnose issues around your specific account quickly and efficiently. This allows Samanage Agent 2.0 to build customized version of the software related to your instance of Samanage. 


Building for the Future: Samanage Agent 2.0 facilitates two-way communication between the asset and your Samanage instance (compared to one-way on the OCS version). This opens up endless enhancement opportunities as this agent develops. This is architecturally enabled but is not turned on, which is the way the current OCS agent is designed.


End of Life Milestone Dates


The key milestones and End-of-Support dates are listed in the chart below. The standard level of support will be honored for all current license holders through the End-of-Support date for each agent.


Support will end for the OCS Agent.

End-of-Life Milestones for the Samanage OCS agent

Samanage Agent 2.0 initially released

July 5, 2016

Customers were first made aware of this replacement option.

OCS End-of-Life announcement Date

May 24, 2017

Please see this announcement for more details.

OCS End-of-Support for Linux agent

August 30, 2017

Linux systems no longer supported by Samanage. After this date, collection of data for these agents will cease. Any existing assets in system will continue to exist with last date of update recorded and audited.

OCS End-of-Support for Windows/Mac agent

August 30, 2017

All Windows/Mac support moved to new Samanage Agent.

End-of-Life for Samanage OCS agent

August 30, 2017

Support will end for the OCS Agent.

[Update: 8/31/2017] End of Life for Samanage OCS agent*

October 31st, 2017

The OCS agent will no longer be operational.



* We have extended the EOL date until the end of October to give you more time to transition to the Samanage Agent 2.0. NOTE the OCS agent is no longer supported.




What happens if I do not update my assets to the Samanage Agent 2.0?


On October 31st, 2017, the OCS agent stopped reporting data back to your Samanage instance. This will not affect your data. However, updates from your assets and further agent deployments will be halted until you upgrade to the Samanage Agent 2.0. Please see the below resources or contact your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.


Will my current data be affected when I launch Samanage Agent 2.0 onto my assets?


No, Samanage Agent 2.0 will pick up right where the OCS version left off. All Asset Ownership, Custom Fields, Licensing Compliance, and Historical Support Ticket information will remain fully intact in your Samanage instance during the agent transition period.


How do I check to see if I am fully updated?


If your current Samanage agent is named: Samanage Agent 2.0 and has a version number formatted like: 1.#.###, you already have the new agent. Should your agent be named: Samanage Agent (including the numbers), and has a version number formatted like: 2.#.#.#, then you will need to transition to our new Agent that was released last July.




Agent name

Version Number

Need to upgrade

OCS Agent

Samanage Agent 2.#.#.#


Already upgraded

New Agent

Samanage Agent



Is removing the OCS Agent necessary?


No, it is not required that you remove the OCS Agent after deploying the New Agent. If both agents are loaded to the same asset, the inventory process will default to the New Agent and will not impact any of your Samanage data or duplicate assets. Although it is recommended to remove the OCS version, this is completely optional. Please see the below for details on removing the agent quickly and easily.


What are the best ways to remove the OCS Agent and add the Samanage Agent 2.0 en mass?


There are two approaches:

  1. Windows Removal/Deployment - Group Policy
  2. Mac Removal/Deployment


To learn more about these options please visit https://community.samanage.com/docs/DOC-1072


Have questions or concerns? Your Customer Success Manager are at your service.


Your Samanage Team

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