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Do you need to analyze your company's license compliance status? Samanage has the Software Reconcile feature that analyzes your software inventory and lists software titles with no matching license available in the License Repository. This feature helps you reconcile your software licenses (what you own) with your software inventory (what you use). The feature allows you go through your software inventory, make sure you capture all the software licenses you own, and validate your license compliance standing.

Please follow the steps below:

To get started, let's go to Contracts Reconcile.


Next, it is time to go through the list of Tags in your Software Inventory. The application tries to auto-tag each software while checking against Samanage's robust software dictionary. In some cases you will need to go to the Software section and add missing tags or update tags for uniform identification so there are no similar software titles with different tags (ex: Microsoft Pro 2003 and Microsoft Professional 2003) which can throw off the number of licenses identified).


software inventory tags.png


Under actions, you can mark the software (tags) that do not need to be tracked as part of a contract as "Exclude" and ones that need to be be tracked as part of a contract as "Create Contract."



After clicking "Create Contract," follow the steps below:


1. Since we are creating a new software license contract, the type will default to Software License.


2. Fill in information in the required section as well as any other information you have (ex: start and end dates, site and departments, and custom fields you may have created).

new contract.png



Next you will add items to capture the individual software titles that are related to the contract being created (ex: Microsoft Office 2003). This is where the tags you created earlier will be used.

inventory items.png

1. Enter name


2. Enter Version (not mandatory)


3. Enter how many paid licenses there are (Quantity). The compliance report you will look at later is built off the difference between the paid licenses and how many are in use. 


4. Enter Tag


5. Click "Create Contract" at the very bottom


You can also create a new contract by clicking on Contracts --> New Contract.

add new contract.png


After going through the list and are done reconciling, you can go to the license compliance section to review your license compliance standing. The Software License Compliance is an overview of your company's software license compliance standing, showing the variance between the number of licenses paid for and the number of licenses in use.


To access this, go to the Risks module and then Compliance tab within Risks.

compliance tab.png

For more information, please see this video:


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