Now Available: Multi-Level Approvals Now Included in Changes, Releases and POs

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We are excited to announce that you can implement multi-level approvals in changes, releases and purchase orders.


Samanage has automated another part of the workflow, should you find yourself inundated with change requests and purchase orders that must be processed quickly and sent to different people or departments. It isn’t uncommon that some of those same changes/releases/PO’s need to be approved at different levels prior to being marked as approved, or completed. Before, one might handle this need manually, where each person in the approval queue approves it and then manually sends it to the next person/level in the queue.


Now, Samanage will do this for you. You can now create a hierarchy, or an approval ladder, for changes, releases, and PO’s that require multiple approvals. When each step is completed, the item will automatically be routed to the next person (or group) in the queue, solving what might have been a manual, error-prone process that slowed down your business.


Below is an example of how one might implement Multi-Level Approvals when a site is requesting to upgrade their outdated computer operating systems via a Change Request. 


In this example someone has identified a need to upgrade the operating systems for all machines located in the San Francisco office. Their change approval process requires a Change Manager to approve the request, then after that approval the request is sent to the Change Approval Board for their approval.  The Change Approval Board is made up of many members, with only 50% of the group required to approve for the request to move forward. 


In this screenshot the basic information about the new Change Request is included.

Multi-Level Approvals Screengrab 1.png

After inserting the basic information, we now have to set up the multi-level approval process.  Here we can set up to 5 levels of approval.  Each level of approval can include multiple people or groups, and each level can be set to have a condition for approval to be: only one of the listed approvers required, all approvers required or 50% or more of the approvers required.

Multi-Level Approvals Screengrab 2.png


Having this flexibility allows you to fully customize your process to meet your business needs, while automating the process of requesting approvals from multiple people.  All of this can now be done without anyone having to manually pass a request to anyone else, thus improving speed and reducing potential errors or missed approvals.


How do you plan to use multi-level approvals? Leave us a comment.


Your Samanage Team

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