Getting Started with Samanage IT Asset Management for Zendesk

Document created by Joseph Brown Employee on Jan 24, 2017
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Samanage IT Asset Management for Zendesk is designed to improve support agent productivity and efficiency by empowering agents to view and research asset configuration and change history, and resolve tickets faster.

Available as an App in Zendesk's ticketing system, when a new ticket arrives, Samanage for Zendesk will display all assets owned by the requesting user and allow the agent to search for assets or users, making it easy to view related assets and quickly research any issues related to that asset.

Note: Samanage only supports the new Lotus platform, Zendesk's new interface which only affects administrators and agents.

Getting Started with Samanage IT Asset Management for Zendesk

Samanage IT asset management for Zendesk is available for Zendesk users by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to Zendesk Account

  2. Click the little "gear" at bottom left hand side of the page.

  3. Go to Marketplace

  4. Search for Samanage and install

You will have to provide your Samanage credentials to establish a connection between your Zendesk and Samanage accounts.

Once authenticated, you will now have access to your asset inventory from Samanage. When a Zendesk ticket is displayed, click apps on the right side to display the Samanage app.  By default, the App will automatically search for assets owned by the requester of the Zendesk ticket. It will also make suggestions available that you can click on to search.

Click on the 'search' button to find an asset. Any assets matching your criteria will be returned in a list. You can search by asset name, serial number, manufacturer, model, site, department, owner, technical contact and many other fields.


Once you locate the asset that you wish to look into, click on the link to the asset and you will find some information about the asset.

The App will also provide links to more detailed information in Samanage (such as Software, Incident associated to the asset, Open risks, and Hardware properties) if you want more in depth information about the asset.

Finally, you can chose to attach a particular asset to a ticket, so the next time someone visits the ticket or if the ticket gets re-assigned, the agent doesn't have to search for the asset in question. If you accidentally attach a ticket or need to detach it for any reason, simply click on the 'Detach from Ticket' button and the asset will no longer be linked to a ticket. Please note that only one attached asset per ticket is allowed.

You can also view your Zendesk tickets in the Samanage app by following the below instructions:

  1. Go to Inventory

  2. You will need to select a single computer to see the Zendesk ticket

  3. Click on Computers

  4. Click on Zendesk tickets