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When you are ready to start deploying the Samanage agent to your machines, there are a few deployment options for you to choose from.


First is a local install. For this option you will need to select your desired operating system.  Our agent will work with Windows and macOS machines.  Once you make your selection, follow the steps associated with it. Once the agent has been installed on your machine it will start reporting back shortly after installation.


Initial Deployment 1png


Another option is deploying out to your entire Organization.  By selecting the "Your Organization" tab at the top, you will be presented with some more options for deployment on a larger scale. These options will be Domain Logon, Active Directory, or Email. Each section comes with its own set of instructions for deployment.


Initial Deployment 2png


-The Domain Logon script will require your users to have admin rights to complete the installation. (NOTE: The startup script uses Admin rights when executing, as it uses SYSTEM, rather than user rights. In SYSTEM context, Admin rights are not needed)


-The Active Directory Group Policy Option does not require your users to have admin rights and is a great way to push the agent out to your machines silently.


-The Email option will send out a templated email to your end users giving them instructions on how to complete the installation themselves.  Note that in the email template provided, you have to adjust your account name so the end user inputs it correctly and the agent communicates directly with your account.  This option will also require your users to have access to Setup to download the agent file so should only be used when sending to Administrators.


These options allow you to deploy the Samanage agent in a fashion that works best for your organization and implementation plan. No matter which one you choose, the agent will start reporting back shortly after it is installed.


For more information, please see the video below:



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